Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My disadvantages and advantages

I'm easily amused. I know a lot about animals. I have done my best to not acquire tastes so I am happy with cheap wine & pizza. I am good at spotting wildlife while driving on the highway. I love my job most of the time. I have lots of stories but I don't go on and on. I like the majority of movies, music, people, & stuff that I encounter---yet I have a critical/theoretical mind. I have cool dreams. My friends are interesting, kind, and fun people. I am an uninhibited dancer.

I have really cold hands in the winter. I am ticklish which can be cute but ultimately annoying. I almost fell for the boob exam scam :( I have to remove the label from my beverage (but I do it with such skill that this could lead to admiration). Sometimes watching the news makes me cry. I'm bad at estimating distances and most numerals. I adore good food but don't cook much. I live on a student budget. I am often 5-10 min late (but I call ahead of time). I justify my faults by adding explanations in parentheses.

I am new to this.