Wednesday, December 5, 2007

life in a small town.

not much goss happenig here - jenny and mo broke up on xmas eve, mo is acting like he's all traumitised from the war and is acting like the living dead. um....zeke told chantay he never had feelings for her and she meant shit 2 him so on xmas day i got flour and eggs and redecorated his car the son of a bitch, merry xmas asshole. rachel is outta control, she's gotten with so many people and is acting all dickheady. but still love her. joseph got fucked over by some guy william, he caugt him sleeping with some girl. tish is all right, happy and not with victor but she likes this guy fred told me not touch him even though I WAS THE ONE WHO TOLD HER I LIKED HIM FIRST! so yeah....hehe....i like this guy fred. he's MY AGE (bells and horns please, can i hear a whoop whoop.) but yeah, i dont know how its gonna go with us, i havent seen him for a week coz i ditched him on saturday and he was cut about it, so now i think he thinks i dont like him. he's american/polynesian and he can dance and fight and is just so right. wehavent even hooked up, but i am going to just for it next tijme. he asked to kiss me andi told him no, and we had a talk about our um....feelings for each other and both establish we feel the same way, but u know its difficult....

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