Wednesday, December 5, 2007

not good news

so i go into town right after i wrote that email this morning right and i see penno (uand im like ' hey girl how cum u havent been out' and she's like 'oh u know how fred and paul stole my parents car ages ago? im grounded now." (and i knew but i personally found it hilarious) and then she geos 'but yeah, im looking for fred now coz i want my friends jumper back." and im like 'oh yeah, if u see him, tell him i say sorry about saturday nigh' (coz i ditched him and he came out only 2 c me apparently) and shes like 'oh do you like fred?' and i say nothing and then she goes 'does he like you?' and i say nothing and then she goes 'oi, fred's a bitch. he seroiusly is. and he likes my friend anise.' and im like 'who's anise' (tranlsated as ; WHO THE FUCK IS ANISE? AND WHAT THE FUCK? FUCK! JUST FUCK FUCK FUCK!) all casually. and shes like 'oh shes new around here. but yeah he likes her. he came and saw her once.' and im like 'oh thats nice. bye'. and i know for a fact he hasn't seen penno in weeks since he first met me and this may have all occured beofre but STILL! what if he sitll likes her? what if something is going on? SHIT! see i attract teh folllowing : obsessive maniacs (aka chris and martin who martin by the way is a fucken stalker), assholes (mick and mitchell) or weirdos (jackson). so im trying to fit him into a category, but then i think im being negative. zeke's like 'dont listen to penno. just don't. she went and told everyone that chris fucked her but thats clearly a lie.' and i know gossip is easy but now i dont know what to do.

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